When others do what you did first....but they get 20 000 likes.


UN PREMIER BILLET -IN ENGLISH- pour me porter à la défense d'une équipe de mes étudiantes qui se sentent lésées par un autre group de design.
 INVISIBLES A few people have been letting me know that a project, in Postdam (first published december 29th), was quite similar to the project a team of students had developped for a class project and published last October. Amoung these people, my students, who are a little upset, feeling someone inspired themselves quite a bit form their project.

The student's project, posted here on my course blog and on a Facebook the team had created for the event, did not receive the visibility or 20 000 likes graphic designer Daniel Siering and art director Mario Schuster have received...

We all know ideas meet, travel and emerge, similarly in space and time, that influences even unconscious exist, and that many others artists through time such as Zander Olson have also played with trees, disapearence etc and many others will... Yet, this one seemed quite similar enough to have my students feel a little betrayed.

Since I am not on Facebook it took designer friends/students' emails and much longer for me then most, to see Daniel Siering and Mario Schuster project. All I can suggest my students who ask me about author's rights is to congratulate themselves for being clear with their own consciousness and creativity, and let's hope for the quality and integrity needed in our profession (or everywhere as a matter of fact), that the overseas duo know they had never seen this student's course project.?

A project from

Amelie Haeck, Karolane Sigouin, Rachel Baril, Rafaelle Chartrand
Presented in October / location
Pavillion Design Uqam, Sanguinet  / Ontario et Hotêl de ville / Ontario et Berri. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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